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Humanoid No More are a duo that create beats somewhere between hip-hop and house.

Based in the Vancouver area, they perform catchy instrumental hooks and spacey sounds over a funky pulse.

Their music has, on occasion, been compared to the Orb and other underground electronic acts. Classic hip-hop beats, retro sci-fi soundtracks and far-out sounds of every genre inspire Humanoid No More’s unique musical output.

Humanoid No More’s debut single, Ganymede TikTok Rebellion, and follow-up EPs (Party On Nostromo, and I’m Not Concerned With Your Killer Robot Arms) are available now on all major platforms.

The latest release, Asteroid! Asteroid! Asteroid! contains four new and diverse tracks. Future releases are in development. Watch for them! We don’t rock, we asteroid!

Latest Release

Asteroid! Asteroid! Asteroid! EP



Humanoid No More, Live at Red Gate, Vancouver, Feb. 3

Humanoid No More is an independent, self-managed artist.

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